Please use the following citation when publishing results obtained with NVSCC v1.0:

"Network Visualization System for Computational Chemistry," M. Kozhin, I. Yanov and J. Leszczynski, J. Comp. Chem. 24, 1678, 2003.

Computational Center for Molecular Structure and Interactions, Jackson, MS.

NVSCC is a molecular graphics program designed for the visualization of molecular systems. NVSCC accepts the output files from the most popular ab initio quantum chemical programs GAUSSIAN and GAMESS and performes geometrical reconstructions of molecular structures based on atomic coordinates. The main differences between NVSCC and other programs are:

  • Network support due to built-in FTP and telnet clients which allow for the processing of output from and the sending of input to different computer systems and operating systems;

  • The possibility of working with output files in real time mode;

  • The possibility of animation from an output file during all steps of optimization;

  • The quick processing of huge volumes of data;

  • The development of custom interfaces.

  • NVSCC has been implemented using MS Visual Basic and runs under the MS Windows 95/98/2000/XP operating systems.
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